Green Spring Valley Hunt Club Wedding

I could not wait to see Lindsay and meet her lovely crew of ladies.  Make-up was in full gear and their was a buzz of excitement and wonderful positive energy in the air. I was so beyond excited to see Lindsay after our many chats and email exchanges- the day was finally here and I could not have felt more welcomed by her sweet family and friends!! I almost died when I saw them in their matching polka dot PJ ensembles, I really must get a pair!

It was a super humid July day with a forecast of thunderstorms,  perfect weather scenario, right??!  As long as you are able to go with the flow of mother nature the day will still be amazing, rain or shine.   Sure we had some thunderstorms rolling in right when we were scheduled to do all our portraits, but we got creative and had the impeccable Lee Kendall and the crew from Elizabeth Bailey Weddings to make it go off without a hitch!  Thank goodness for always having a back-up plan and also a laid back couple who was willing to dodge in out so that we could really capture the beautiful grounds of GSVC.

The Ceremony at St Thomas Church

The church was intimate and beautiful, such a perfect setting since it was where Lindsay and her family had grown up attending.  I loved the brick flooring, stain glass and bright architecture, such a perfect space for these two to be married.

The Reception at Green Spring Valley Hunt Club

After the ceremony we headed back over to the reception at GSVHC for guests to enjoy cocktails followed by the sweetest 1st dance and toasts!  The floral decor by Wicked Willow created such a cozy, warm and sophisticated vibe- so many intricate orchid variations spilled over the tablscapes.

I love to laugh and could not keep it together for any of the toasts, so much fun hearing all the stories from friends and family about Lindsay and Michael.  Not soon after dinner did the dance floor engulf into hilarious and questionable dance moves.  Michael even played drums with the band “After Midnight” and his groomsmen sang along- AMAZE!

What a fabulous and fun wedding!! Congratulations Michael and Lindsay.

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Wedding Ceremony | St. Thomas Church
Reception | Green Spring Valley Hunt Club
Wedding Planning and Design | Lee Kendall from Elizabeth Bailey Weddings
Photography| Kirsten Marie Photography
Hair Stylist & Make-Up | Make-Up: Allison Harper & Co.
Flowers| Wicked Willow Flowers (Tina)
Linens| Table Toppers
Rentals | Party Rental Ltd.
Band | Round Midnight
Ceremony Music | Wanda Waller
Cocktail Hour Music- The Mellowtones
Cake | Sugar Bakers
Photo Booth | Tap Snap Photo Booth
Lighting/Draping | Event Pro
Transportation | An Extraordianr Limo
2nd Shooter | Wendy Hickok
Cigars | The Cigar Box