Happy Valentines Day!  What a great way to start the morning with a valentines day feature on United with Love.  Thank you so much United with Love (Juli) for featuring this session we shot a few months back.  I can’t say enough about this couple and what a true honor it is to be shooting their wedding the end of August at AVAM; AVAM-The American Visionary Art Museum.  Melissa and Andrew’s adoration for each other goes all the way back to High School -How sweet!!  Click here to view their entire Engagement Session.



Melissa and a team of family and bridesmaids spent the week leading up to our engagement session putting together handmade heart streamers and crafting all things love related- they did an incredible job!

Melissa and Andrew have become fast friends to me and my fiance’ Jon.  Melissa is the childhood best friend of my soon to be sister-in-law Emily who was my best friend before my fiance’ Jon was even in the picture.  I have had the privilege of going to Capon Springs every year the past 4 years-which is another whole post of how amazing this down home resort is- with Jon, his sister Emily and their family.  It’s a great time for us to get unplugged, get present, catch up and spend time with family, not to mention go hiking, play shuffle board and swim in the freezing cold spring fed pool and eat dessert at every meal!

Emily invited Melissa to come down for part of our Capon trip this past August and I felt an immediate connection to her.  The three of us gaggling gals hiked to the top of Eagle Rock (6 mile hike) and I knew coming down the mountain I had gained a new Baltimore friend.  Melissa possesed so many of the beautiful qualities that I love in Jon’s sister Emily  -how telling since they literally grew up together.  Since our trip to Capon I have been given the honor to shoot Melissa’s wedding and I now see her on a regular basis-Melissa and her mom work out at Barre at Quarry Lake which is an amazing workout if you’re into ballet and pilates and just a great weekly staple to unwind with girlfriends.  Next on our list is signing up for the four of us to take dance lessons-That should be highly entertaining!!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day I am having a lovely one myself thanks to my wonderful partner and friend Jon-love you.  I was woken up to a homemade breakfast and espresso.  We had funny Valentine’s plans to do a couples yoga class but it was cancelled-tear:(  I was more wanting to do it since it sounded hilarious.  Since I have not left the house in two days it’s inperative we get out today and away from netflix and cats.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

I couldn’t resist to posting Valentine’s Day song-dont judge me too harshly 🙂